ESL, Средно ниво

City on the Seas

Cruise ship companies constantly compete with each other to persuade customers into believing that only their "floating city" can provide the ultimate in entertainment with the ......... of providing rock climbing walls, ice skating rinks, and celebrity performers.
Most modern ships offer a variety of ......... to keep guests of all ages content with a casino, hot tub, fitness center, library, swimming pool, internet access and a kid's club. In addition, a daily newspaper is delivered to each cabin listing the day's scheduled activities.
The promise of a memorable vacation begins even before the vacationer sets foot on the gangplank; the traveler is encouaged to make reservations on the telephone for each costly shore ......... at least a month ahead of the sailing date, rather than waiting to make them on-board.
When the exciting day of departure finally arrives, the prospective passenger will be at the ship's terminal, passport in hand, experiencing an ......... line through Security and Customs, where officials carefully scrutinize each identification document. After passing inspection, the voyager is handed a room key card.
Before boarding the ship, grinning photographers and costumed characters stand nearby to imply that your trip must include daily pictures in order to prove that it was a successful trip and provide a tangible ......... for many years.
As the passengers enter the ship's portal, ......... security guards ask for identification; all packages, purses and carry-on items must be screened through an x-ray machine. No food or alcohol can be brought onboard.
Finally, the vacationer can find his cabin, deposit the luggage, and then explore the ship. He is pleasantly surprised to find out the vessel is a floating city; a duplicate of the same ......... found in his hometown, with a movie theater, miniature golf course, bowling alley and a basketball court. There is also a 1/2 mile running track on the top deck.
When the ......... traveler decides to eat, he can try one of the several restaurants onboard. There are casual buffet-style areas next to the swimming pool, or other eateries that are open 24 hours a day for simple snacks. In the main dining room, passengers are assigned a set dining time and a reserved table for the entire trip.
Every day, room stewards clean the cabin and change the linen. ......... animals crafted from towels are hung from the ceiling or placed on the bed. Each steward is assigned four cabins to welcome passengers and try to guarantee that their sailing experience is so agreeable, that it might be repeated in future years.
An activities director works ......... to provide organized games, prizes and nightly variety shows. Passengers are encourage to wear formal clothes on some of the evenings; tuxedos can be rented to anyone who might have forgotten to pack the appropriate outfit. When at last, the traveler disembarks, he may greatly miss the pampering experience cruise lines provide and decide to go again, encouraging friends to go with him.