ESL, Средно ниво

Real Life: Occupations (4)

When Sandra was feeling ill, she went to see her family ......... in order to get diagnosed and get a prescription for medication.
When she got her prescription, she then went to see a .......... He filled the prescription and gave her the medication she needed.
A week later, Sandra's four-year-old son got a cold so she took him to see his .......... The kind of doctor specializes in children's illnesses.
Last year, Sandra's oldest daughter, Samantha, needed braces to straighten her teeth so Sandra took Samantha to see an .......... This type of dentist specializes in and practices the prevention and correction of dental or teeth abnormalities by using braces as well as other dental appliances.
Last week, Sandra and her husband wanted to go to a movie so they called a ......... to care and stay with their three children for the evening.
When Sandra's daughter, Michelle, could no longer see what her teacher was writing on the blackboard at school, Sandra took her to see an .......... This kind of eye doctor specializes in a branch of medicine that deals with the treatment and diseases of the human eye as well as with vision loss problems.
Sandra owns a small business and she needs some legal advice on small business taxes. So, she called a tax ......... to help her with her legal and tax questions.
Sandra's father hired an ......... to design the building he wanted to construct. This kind of worker designs buildings and creates blueprints that builders can use to construct buildings and other structures.
Sandra is a dental .......... She assists her boss, a dentist, in many ways. For example, she is responsible for tasks such as cleaning teeth and performing x-rays on dental patients.
Sandra is very grateful for the ......... worker in her neighborhood because he keeps the neighborhood clean by collecting and removing garbage and waste on a weekly basis.