ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (191)

"I think I made a big mistake. I cracked a ......... in the meeting and no one laughed. My manager gave me a dirty look and the rest of the delegates gave me the cold shoulder," Barry told Jean.
"We were having fun until the manager returned and ......... the whip. He yelled at us and then stood there glaring until we turned off the music and went back to work," Larry told Jim.
He was very sad. His wife had ......... up and was currently in a mental institution. The doctor said that she would get better, but what if it happens again?
Her friends lovingly tease her and call her a ......... robber because she is 28-years-old and her boyfriend is 24-years-old.
The boss said that we can no longer wear sandals to work. That is going to put a major ......... in my style. I don't wear shoes.
His girlfriend wanted him to be more spontaneous and hated that he followed the same routine every day. He didn't think it was fair since he told her he was a creature of ......... when they first met.
"I think he is still drinking. Last time I saw him, he was unsteady and slurred his words." Kim said to Ronda. She replied "I must admit that thought did cross my .......... I noticed the same things too, but on a different occasion."
Some people believe that a black cat crossing their ......... is a signal that bad luck is coming their way.
You are missing the point. The crux of the ......... is that the company can't afford to give people company vehicles anymore.
It bothers him that his kid is so prone to crying. He cries before school and he cries before he goes to the dentist. He also cried when he went to the doctor. He finally had enough one day and said, "Don't ......... before you are hurt anymore!"