ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (429)

"I hate kits. This little airplane came with teeny-......... screws, and I dropped one onto the carpet. I've been looking for it for half an hour, but it's too small for me to see," Jason said to Eric.
"Joey's just testing the ......... like all little kids do. He wants to see if he'll get in trouble for doing what he isn't supposed to do," Jane said to Zack.
"My brother just graduated with an honors degree in Art History," Ellie said. Joe retorted, "Big deal. That and two dollars will get him a cup of .......... He should have got himself a degree that will help him make some money. There arehardly any jobs for someone with an Art History degree."
"You want to put interior paint on the front porch? That dog won't .........! The paint'll peel off in a week," Chris admonished Ron.
"Is that job still open with your company? If so, I want to take it," Bill inquired. Vance replied, "That ......... has sailed, partner. It was filled a week and a half ago."
"Well, that's all she .......... The suite is all finished and ready for the tenant," Max announced to his workers.
"He told you that you couldn't put in a request for a new chair? He's not the be all and ......... all around here. He's just the supervisor's assistant. Try the the supervisor," Brian told Julie.
"Dad, Matt took my jacket at school and I can't get it back because he's bigger than me," Denny said. His father replied, "Don't worry about his physical size. The bigger they are, the harder they .......... Size doesn't have that much to do with who will win."
"Danny may've been kicked out of school for cheating, not for fighting — according to one of his friends," Shelly said. Shannon responded, "Aha! The ......... thickens. I knew there was more to the story than that; most kids don't get expelled for their first fight."
"You want to play rugby? No offense, but that's a pretty ......... and tumble game, and you don't usually like contact sports. Remember how much you hated tackle football?" Johnny reminded his little brother.