ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (199)

"School is a major expense. I just had to ......... out $200 so that my daughter can go to the prom," Tony told his best friend.
"Why are you all ......... up? You have a dinner dress on, your make-up done, and your hair styled and you told me that you were going to a faculty meeting tonight," Jane asked her roommate.
"If I don't get home in less than an hour, I am ......... for. I know you aren't ready to leave yet but I am begging you to drive me back home," Nate said to Jacob.
"This is the third time I caught you borrowing my stuff without asking. I told you that you have to ask permission the last time I caught you. I am done ......... you. Get out of my apartment," Kyle told Bert.
"You have been yelling at people for being late and you've never accepted their excuses for as long as I have known you. Remember when you threw Jim out for being late when he had popped a tire? Now you got fired today for being late even though you had a good reason. How does it feel to get a dose of your own .........?" Jake's brother asked him.
"I am sorry that I am late for dinner. After I left, I couldn't remember if I had turned off the stove. I had to double ......... and make sure that it was off," Lilly said to Kim.
"I totally understand, Lilly. You have to ......... check that sort of thing. It would be rotten to lose all of your things over something like that," Kim replied.
"Matt and Sarah asked us if we would go on a double ......... with them to the Italian restaurant on Friday night. What do you think?" Laura asked Chris.
"What do I do for work? Well, I do ......... duty for Mr. James. I handle customer service and do all of the accounting. How about you?" Chris asked Matt.
"You can go faster on this road if you want to. The speed limit is the regular old double .........," Ray told Beth.