ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (449)

"You don't have any idea where my miter saw is? I can't find it anywhere," Chris said to Linda. She replied, "......... me. I have no idea. Did you check the garage?"
"Paul's been trying to ......... me on one of those new thin air mattresses for camping and I think he has a point; they seem to make camping more comfortable and they're not expensive," Greg said to Marisol.
There are various theories on how to separate the ......... from the chaff in the workplace but identifying non-productive employees can be more difficult than you might think.
Of course, if you don't ......... out the bad employees, the good employees won't have so much incentive to remain productive.
"I've done more than my fair share and now I'm going to sit back on my ......... for a bit and let the lazy guys do some work," Private McEwen said to Private Granzelli.
"My parents are refusing to talk to my brother because he's ......... up with a girlfriend who isn't a Christian. They are so stubborn," Julia told her friend Abbey.
"Tommy isn't a very trusting soul, is he? He wouldn't even tell me where he lived for almost a year," Matt said. Ronald replied, "No, he doesn't show his ......... very often."
"That was an unfortunate slip of the .......... I know you think she's stupid but did you have to blurt that out when she disagreed with you?" Rachel asked Vincent.
You got Rob to agree to go to rehab? That's great! It's no ......... wonder that you got him to go along with that. He's probably the most hardened alcoholic I've ever known.
"I used to love hanging out with Gracie but now her life is a ......... opera and I have to hear every little detail. This friend broke up with that one — over and over. It's pathetic!" Gina said to Arlene.