ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (302)

"I am sick of being broke. I have spent all of my extra money for the last three months on trying to get out from ......... my credit card debt. I haven't spent a dime," Josh told Kyle.
"This food is pretty bland. Oh no! Did I say that out .........? I am so sorry!" Natasha embarrassingly said at the dinner party.
"We are going to have to use my circular saw since my chop saw is out of .......... I cut through its cord by accident about a month ago," Jesse said to Bill.
"I told May that her new hairdo looks very pretty and she blew that comment way out of .......... She has been telling everyone that I am hitting on her and want to date her. I was just trying to be nice," Will told Carl.
"I haven't had any time for friends lately because I'm really busy with work and school. I feel like I've been out of ......... for months," Amy said to Henrietta.
"Can you give me a ride to work tomorrow? My car is out of ......... until Thursday. My transmission went out and I am getting a new one put in," Amber said to Jamie.
"I don't know if you should wear that suit to the wedding or not. Yours is a bit out of .......... It looks like it is about 50 years old. You might want to rent one that is modern and in style," Kyle said to Rob.
"My shed door is a little off-.......... Do you have any recommendations as to how to make it look straight?" Bart asked James.
"I am sorry I offended your grandmother. I was out of ......... to ask her how old she is," Jordan told Bethany.
"Thanks for telling me that most of the revenues from our not-for-profit sales is going to go to our administration. Way to take the wind out of my .......... I was really motivated to work when I thought most of the money I was helping to earn was going to the poor," Lisa said to Kyle.