ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (83)

"Your computer is broken? Go see Lewis. He is our ......... guy here. He handles all of our technical issues," Beth said to the new girl.
"Our competitor managed to increase their market shares from 25 to 35 percent so taking back our competitive advantage is our going ......... right now. We need to increase our shares from 30 to at least 40 percent by next year," the boss said to her team.
"I know that you are mad at me for having lunch with that friend you don't like but don't you think avoiding my calls for two whole weeks is going a little .........?" He asked his girlfriend.
"I couldn't fire him because I knew he would sue us or make life miserable for this company. He is the senator's son, you know. So, I gave him the ......... handshake. I offered him a whole year's salary if he would just leave and he took it," Mary told Jessie.
"I really need to fix up my garden. I have been very busy lately and I have been neglecting it. You should see it now; it's gone to .........," Maude told Bessie.
"I went to see my old high school and it has sure gone to the .......... There is graffiti everywhere and the buildings look junky and need a new coat of paint badly. When I went to school there, it looked nice," Tom told Tina.
"If you want to know if there is something dirty going on in the accounting department so send Bill down to check it out. He has really ......... antennae for that sort of thing," Christy told Mike.
"Tim? He is a good .......... He is really well-behaved and smart, too," Wesley told his wife when she asked if their son should spend the night at Tim's house.
"I know that you are wondering if Jake is mean to Jenny but it isn't our business. Good fences make good ........., Melissa," Tom replied.
"I would hire Matt. He seems to know everything and is dependable. He is a ......... hand to have around the workplace," Nate told his buddy.