ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (82)

"This meeting is going to go by the schedule you all received. We barely have enough time to cover everything on the schedule, so we can't afford to go off on any .......... If anyone has any questions, we can address them at the end of the meeting," the boss told the staff.
"You kids have to leave me alone while I work. I need to concentrate. Instead of bothering me, why don't you go play in .........?" Sam said to his bothersome children.
"Here we are talking about this again. We have been over this point many times. We are just going around in .......... We have to find a way to make some progress," Lilly told Tim.
He knew he would have to find another supplier for his company. The deal he had with his present supplier was rapidly going .......... The supplier already lost one of his payments and then accused him of not paying the invoice. Four deliveries were also very late this past month.
"I know you were out drinking. You smelled like alcohol this morning and there are several charges to our account from two local bars. That story about your car breaking down and you walking home for hours from work is a flat-out lie. Go tell it to the .........," he told his girlfriend.
"I know that it will be hard to solve this case but I will go the .......... I won't stop until I have arrested the perpetrator," the new cop told the police chief.
"I am looking for someone who cares about people and will work hard to make sure they get the service they deserve. I am looking for someone who will do more than just go through the ......... to help our customers," the hiring manager told the job candidate.
"I used to love that Chinese food restaurant but ever since the new owner took over, they whole establishment has ......... to seed," Marie told Jenny.
"You did a great job on Friday. Don't let the compliment go to your ........., though. You are still new, on probation and under close supervision," the gruff boss told the new employee.
"I am not worried about what we do while we're here. I'll just ......... with the flow," Lisa told her best friend when asked what she wanted to do while in town.