ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (277)

"I am not going to drink alcohol anymore. I can't believe that I was drunk and stupid enough to make a ......... at the boss's wife at the company Christmas party," Joe said to his roommate who worked with him.
He decided to run for school president again this year but with some changes in tactics. He had made a ......... for school president last year by making a clown of himself and it didn't work. This year, he would be more serious and more informed about the issues.
He had been told by several girls that he was not polite enough for them. To correct this, he made a ......... of opening car and restaurant doors for his dates, pulling the chair out for them, paying for the meals, using proper dining techniques and making lots of complimentary remarks.
"I'm going to bed in a minute. I am trying to make a ......... of brushing my teeth before bed so I will get less cavities. If I can form a habit of brushing my teeth at least twice a day, I'll be better off," Simon said to his wife.
"The band Korn made quite a ......... in the rock community by using 7-string guitars. After they started doing this, several other bands started using them and fans started looking for the deep, grungy sound of a 7-string guitar in their music," the writer for Rock World wrote in his article.
"I know that there have been some complaints about the office supplies' new location. I heard that there have been memos going around about this and different factions forming for and against the move. Let's not make a federal ......... out of this, people. It is where it is; deal with it and get over it," Shirley told the staff.
"Let's not fight about this in public. It's embarrassing. We'll make a .......... We can keep fighting at home," May said to James after he loudly disagreed with her.
"As your best friend, it falls on me to tell you when you are not being fair. You can't blame Melissa for not hearing everything you say. She is hard of hearing and you have to make ......... for that," Stan said to Jacob.
"I know that you are unhappy that we forgot to bring your new camping stove but let's not let it ruin our trip. Let's make a ......... of necessity and enjoy cooking over a camp fire with good, smoky taste on our meat," Beth said to Christian.
"I can't stay at your party long; I have to work early in the morning but I'll make an .........," Luke said to Christine.