ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (141)

"I went to the new amusement park and in my opinion, it's nothing to ......... home about. The rides were very small and expensive, as was everything else. I wouldn't recommend going," Billy told Lewis.
"I offered $25,000 for Mitch's farm. He said that he wouldn't sell it for that cheap. I didn't think that he would but nothing ventured, nothing .........," Pat told Sue.
He liked being able to take his canoe out on the lake every now and .......... It was a good way to relax and enjoy nature.
He called a plumber to fix his leaky sink. He knew a lot about construction but didn't have the ......... to fix a plumbing issue.
"I just can't trust you to deliver on your promises, so I have found a different supplier. You can consider our business relationship ......... and void, Jack," Ken said.
"Your plan sounds good, Tom. Please write it up and we will submit it to the ......... crunchers to make sure that we have the money to implement it in our budget," Wilson told him.
"We are spending too much time talking about the petty details. We need to focus our discussion on the ......... and bolts of the issue," Susan told the other people in the meeting.
"Did you hear that mechanic? He is as nutty as a .........! He told me that my brakes are worn out but I just had them replaced with the top of the line brake pads two weeks ago," Miles told Sarah.
"I need to bring this up as an object ......... to all of you. If you are rude to a customer, for any reason, you will get fired. I just fired Luke because he insulted a customer," the manager told the staff.
"Yes, I would like to participate in your yard sale next weekend. I have some old furniture and some odds and ......... in my garage that I've been meaning to get rid of for a long time," Rachel said to Ashley.