ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (74)

"I have to leave the office for about two hours. You have free ......... to conduct business until I get back," the boss told his assistant.
"We had the Easter Egg Hunt organized so that the little kids would get one-half of the area and the big kids would get the other half. Each kid was supposed to get four eggs. We let them loose and it turned into a .........-for-all with kids running everywhere and grabbing up to eight eggs each!" Maude told Vern.
"Come on in and get some rolls. They are ......... from the oven!" Lisa told her friends.
"Well, you are on friendly ......... here. You have been here a year now and you are in the top ten percent of our employees," the boss told him during his performance evaluation.
"Maybe we need to look at this problem from a different .......... We have tried everything using traditional methods now we need to try something new," the team leader told her team.
"That guy just moves from pillar to ........., doesn't he? He is always losing a job, starting a job, moving away, moving back he needs to get it together," his dad said.
Several financial magazines published his story as a guy who went from ......... to riches. He had moved from Italy with two dollars in his pocket and now he is one of the richest men in Canada.
"My law class has been a lot of work from the .........-go," Lewis told his friend.
"That company used to make such good tools but they have gone from the sublime to the .......... The tools used to last for years but they now break within a job or to," Steve told the new employee.
"Wow, I think I ate too much. I had four bowls of mashed potatoes. I am full as a ......... " Kyle told Derek.