ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (281)

"I think I am too nice. Many is the ......... I have done free favors for people. However, that behavior can lead people to think they can take advantage of my kindness," Lars said to Ashley.
Stop making ......... of my affinity for gardening and cooking. Many men are chefs and enjoy gardening.
I think it is important to ......... time for your kids. Even if one is busy, one's first priority should be about hanging out with one's children.
Why don't you ......... off the part of the parking lot that needs to be repainted with orange cones today so the painters will know which area to paint when they arrive tomorrow.
I studied your analysis of why our expenses are shooting up and I found that you are a bit ......... of the mark. You attributed the rising costs to the increase in electricity prices, which do play a role, but the increase in gasoline prices has had much more of an impact on our expenses.
My friend told me that there are places in this town that sell wine barrel planters for $10 a piece. I have searched ......... and wide for a store with those prices, but haven't found a store that sells them for cheaper than $20 a piece. Do you have any suggestions for me?
The police caught the gang that was responsible for the bank robbery, but they failed to catch the ......... behind the plan.
I don't agree with you. I don't think that there is one right answer about how to support a deck. I think it is a matter of .......... I have seen several methods that work just fine and are equally functional.
"You can try to tell me that we didn't land on the moon but it is a matter of public .........," Silas said to Isaac.
Her parents were very pleased when she had married into .......... Her husband's family was affluent, but that was not what was important to her. No one believed that she honestly loved her husband.