ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (139)

"We should fire Todd. He is no use to ......... or beast. He doesn't know his trade and has a horrible work ethic," Luke said to Christian.
"I tried to explain to him that he will lose everything he owns by borrowing huge sums to gamble with but none are so ......... as those who will not see," Jake told Lewis.
"I hate hanging out with Marcie. She has her ......... in the air about almost everything we talk about. She acts like our problems or interests are too low class for her," Jenny said to Alison.
"Steve is not all ......... — if you ask me. He talks to himself endlessly and spends hours sweeping his sidewalk, long after it is spotless," Nate told his friends.
"Sergeant Jones is a mean guy. I saw him send three privates to jail for questioning his orders without batting an .......... I heard what they said and it seemed like they were only asking question for clarification purposes," First Sergeant Williams said to Sergeant Price.
"He tried to tell me that he wasn't drunk but rather exhausted. Like I was born .........! I could smell the alcohol from twenty feet away," Jack told his wife.
"Joe told me that he wasn't actually stealing but that he was going to pay for the candy he put in his pocket but forgot. I told him that I was born at ......... but not last night and grounded him," Bill told his friend.
"We are never going to stay in this hotel again. It is too small for adults, if you ask me. There isn't enough room to ......... a cat in here!" Jack said to Lucy.
"I know that we decided not to sell our old car to Tommy but he came by and told me that his mother's car broke down and his new job is about 45 minutes away. I didn't have the ......... to tell him no," Kay said to Paul.
If only his old friends could see him now. In high school and college, he didn't have two ......... to rub together but now he is a millionaire.