ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (336)

"We responded to a report of gang violence downtown and we went out to investigate. There were ten youths fighting each other and we attempted to break it up. They turned on us and started to attack us so we arrested the whole ......... of them," Peterson told the chief.
"We went to the party last night and all of the who's ......... in Los Angeles were there. I have never been around that many famous or powerful people before. It was exhilarating," Tammy told Juliet.
"I love getting that wide-......... look of astonishment from customers when I show them how to use the remote-control. Most people don't know what all their electronics can do without someone pointing out all of their features and they become very happy once they realize all of the functions the electronics have," Jeff told Brian.
"I was watching the Frank Sinatra ......... last night and it was hilarious. All of his friends and co-workers had so many funny jokes that made fun of Frank Sinatra to tell," Beth said to Aaron.
"I responded to that tip we got over the telephone about the killer's whereabouts and I got led on a wild ......... chase. I went to about ten different spots and there was no evidence that the killer was ever at any of those locations," Bill, a detective, told his boss.
"The enemy is in range now. Fire at .........!" The commander told the troops.
"I want to go to film school but my father will not ......... of it. He has decided that I will become a doctor like he did and no argument will change his mind. I don't care what he thinks, though. I am not going to become a doctor; I don't want to," Jesse told Ryan.
"My professor and I disagreed about what grade I should have received on my paper. He thought it was average work and I didn't agree. I fulfilled all of his requirements and then some. After a few hours in his office, my argument ......... out and he changed my grade to an A-," John said to Grant.
"I am a good student when it come to math, law and business but I am definitely behind the ......... when it comes to English. I have been lucky to make it through the English classes I've taken so far," Willy said to Keenan.
"We have been doing great this season. We have a six game winning ......... going and there are only a few more games until the playoffs. We will definitely get to the playoffs — if not further," Jay told his dad when his father asked how his baseball team was doing.