ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (353)

"Bill told me that he'd meet his sales target, but I don't hold any ......... in that. He says a lot of things that he doesn't live up to," Martin said to Al.
"Before you sign this agreement, please take ......... that the effective date is not until the first of next year," their lawyer advised them.
"The master of ......... was announcing the next performers and walking around the stage at the same time-- then he tripped over his microphone cord and fell off the stage!" Nelly exclaimed to Samantha.
"Tina and George left our party five minutes after they got here because of a call from a friend on their cell phone. I take ......... from rudeness like that!" Nick said to Mike.
"I told Matt that the way he argued with his girlfriend was cute. I thought he would take it as a compliment, but he took it the wrong ......... and thought I was making fun of him," Jenny told Chris.
"I don't like going to concerts. Don't get me .........-- the music's great, but I just don't like the volume and the crowd," Shelly told Bob.
"The view of Shasta, Trinity and Butte counties from the top of Mount Lassen is truly amazing! It takes my ......... away," Bonnie told Kevin.
"It's hard to be the wife of a police officer. He takes his ......... in his hands every day, and I'm never sure he'll come home safely each night," Lydia told Jacky.
"I'm disappointed that you didn't keep your word, but I've got my ......... of you now. Now I know not to do any major business with you," Frank told Jimmy.
"I swear to God I didn't break the window!" Billy told his parents. "Don't take the Lord's name in .......... It's a sin," Dan admonished his son.