ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (208)

"Bob! ......... meeting you here! I didn't know that you liked gardening!" Justine exclaimed.
"I saw our old friend Brian. He was pretty far ......... if you ask me. His clothes were dirty and old and he smelled like whiskey. He said that he had just lost his job, but by the look of him, he hasn't been working in some time," Beth said to Brandon.
"I told Bill that he was to be grounded for two weeks. He gave an excuse of why he was late for curfew but it seemed pretty ......... to me. He said that the bus broke down and they wouldn't let the passengers off for two hours until it was fixed. I think he is lying," Mary said to her husband.
"I could have done the plumbing job but I really didn't want to. I can make more money than it would cost to hire a plumber for the task if I keep working on building the house. I ......... the plumbing job out to a plumber who is a friend of mine," Jake told Bill.
He decided to ask his son if he wanted to make a ......... buck and mow the lawn. He had a lot of other things to do and he didn't want to mow the lawn too.
"I am not going to buy a used car from that lot. The salesman was too much of a ......... talker. I don't get the impression that the cars are quality," Lisa said to Rick.
"We have the idea and the patent for the invention. We also have surveys from random people showing customer interest in our product. All we have to do is figure out how to market and produce the product and we are in fat .........," Ben said to Brendan.
"I don't think that we should offer less money for the car considering that the owner is a widow who obviously needs the money. I feel it in my ......... that trying to bargain with a lady in her position is morally wrong," Steven said to Tina.
After he began an exercise routine and followed it for a month, he felt like a ......... man. He felt younger, stronger and healthier.
He had been ......... out the competition for some time to see if they would be interested in a merger. He felt that they were close to an agreement about a merge and that would be good for both companies.