ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (219)

"Jake, we have a lot of extra chicken. Why don't you ......... in on some?" Matt asked.
"I am going to try for the promotion and I would appreciate it if you would agree not to get in my .......... I know that we have had our differences and we have tried to sabotage each other in the past but this means a lot to me. I promise not to bother you anymore as well," Jack said to Frank.
"You have a friend who is a plumber? I would appreciate it if you would get in ......... with him and ask him to fix my bathtub," Tom said to Jim.
"How should I dress for my first day at work? I don't want to get in ......... with the boss on my first day by being underdressed," Lynn said to Jacob.
"Jack, you need to get it ......... here. You have been late to work and haven't brought the right tools all week. Will you promise to be on time and with the right gear?" Tom asked him.
"I am sick of you making fun of me at school. Get .........!" Bill said to the bully.
"I am sorry that I messed up the project. When a lot of people interrupt me while I am working, I sometimes get ......... up and make mistakes. I will try to make sure it doesn't happen again," Luke said to his boss, Shelly.
"Where do you ......... off telling me how to do my job? I have been doing this longer than you and this isn't even your specialty. I know how to do this task and you don't," Wesley said to Michael.
"Wow, you only had to pay $10 to get a new headlight put into your car? You got off .......... Where did you go? I am going to take my car there if I need a new headlight," Greg said to Tanya.
"You only got a week of extra duty for being rude to the commander? You got off .........! I would have thought that they would have taken your rank and some of your pay for that violation," Private Lukas said to Private Robertson at the army base.