ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (132)

"Jim got caught stealing from the country store. I am not surprised since his brother had got caught earlier for the same thing. It's a case of monkey see, monkey ......... in my opinion," Jack told his wife when she brought up the neighbors' kids.
"Why are we still arguing about the trim color on that house? We can't afford it now that you lost your job, so it's a ......... point," Jake said to Louise
In a moment of honesty, he admitted to himself that he did not have the moral ......... necessary to resist corruption that a police officer must have in order to be effective.
"I am going to take the moral ......... ground and stick to the issues rather than attack my opponent's past like he has done to me," the political candidate told the press
He made it a point to ensure that each new construction worker understood that it was better to take their time and reduce their mistakes than to hurry and do sloppy work. He told them "More ........., less speed" to explain that it took longer to correct mistakes made when going to fast than to take one's time and not make the mistakes in the first place.
The manager's attempted explanation for why the products were failing and hurting people generated more ......... than light. He said, in the press release, that the company was not responsible since the products had been made in a different country. In many peoples' opinion, the company was responsible since they bought the products and put their name on them. Many were angry that the company wouldn't take any responsibility.
"I asked him where he was on the night of the crime and he lied. His story had more holes in it than Swiss .........," the police detective told his boss.
"I don't think Steve gave us the whole story. I think there is more going on here than meets the .........," Mark said to Lucy
"I heard that your brother lost his job. He shouldn't worry too much since he has more than one ......... to his bow. He has three different degrees, so finding a job in one of those fields shouldn't be difficult, especially with his employment record," Jan told him.
"I also have to take Finance next semester. It's just one more mountain to .......... I also have to take Management Accounting, which is another difficult class," Max told his parents.