ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (427)

"You should come to work at our job site. There's lots of ......... money available. The work isn't too hard, there's plenty of it, and you can basically set your own hours," Axel said to Paul.
"This conversation is getting too much into the ......... side of life. Let's stop talking about aberrant sexual practices and move on to more edifying topics," Alyssa told the group.
"You've always been a jerk when you're right and others are wrong. You have to rub it in their faces in public. How does it feel now to have your argument shot down in ......... by an eleven-year-old?" Jenny asked Marsha.
"Letting a teenager get plastic surgery to fix a minor defect is a ......... slope. When they get older, they'll want to fix everything with surgery instead of accepting their individuality," Chris said to Derrick.
"Mom, I shouldn't have to rake the leaves. They decompose and provide food for the other plants," Sammy explained scientifically. His mother retorted, "Don't be a ......... Alec. The leaves have to get raked and that's it! Go do it."
"I know I won't change an unmotivated student overnight; I'm just sowing the .......... The student may not get inspired until five years from now, but I want to install a love for learning if I can," the professor told the cynical instructor.
"You're going to have to write off the debt Paul owes you, I think. He's flat broke, and you can't get blood out of a ......... no matter how hard you try," Chris said to Adam.
"I appreciate that you want to look professional at work, but you don't have to be so .........-necked. Most of our staff now wear shorts and loafers, but you still come in in slacks, a vest and oxfords. Relax a little," the boss told Cuthbert.
"You might as well give up on Grandpa. He isn't going to do the laundry; he'll always make Grandma do it. He has already told you he won't, and you know that he's as stubborn as a(n) .........," Jenna told Joshua.
"Thank you for offering, but I can't possibly eat another bite. I'm stuffed to the .........," Chris said to Gina after the wonderful seven-course meal.