ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (350)

"Hey, Jim. How are you doing? Why don't you sit with me and take a ......... off your feet? We haven't seen each other for a while and we need to catch up," Phil said.
"I'm so embarrassed. I invited my parents to see the play I am in and it .......... The singing and acting was bad and the lead forgot her lines twice," Irma said to Kathy.
"I'm starting to see some clouds. Let's hurry up and get this window back into its frame before the weather takes a ......... for the worse," Chris said to Derrick.
"I know you like to joke around and you don't like our boss, but taking a ......... at him in public was not a good idea," Paula said to Ricky.
"You better watch out when you go down the stairs in those high heels, Brooke. There's a lot of ice on the steps, and it wouldn't be any fun to take a ......... down them," Kayla warned.
"I can't seem to get this lug nut off of the wheel. It's really stuck. Would you take a ......... at it, Bob?" Simon asked.
"I can't believe my neighbor could get so mad just because I didn't say hello. I was busy and had my hands full. I apologized later and was ......... aback-- she accused me of being rude and all sorts of other things," Linda said to Roxanne.
"You got a full scholarship to Harvard University? You're going to go, right? You have to take ......... of that great opportunity!" Simon exclaimed to his best friend.
"Your boy can eat so much food and he never gains a pound!" Lisa said. Brandy responded, "He ......... after his father. Max can eat and eat, and he never gains a pound either."
"The boss seems nice, but he can sure be tough when he wants to. I was late with my expense report and he took me ......... in his office for about ten minutes," Sally told Jennifer.