ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (300)

"My friend has a car that I am thinking about buying. Could you inspect it for me to see if there are any mechanical problems with it and if it is worth buying?" Chris asked his best friend. Paul responded, "I don't have a lot of time in the next while to give it a detailed inspection but I can give it a once-......... for you and tell you if I see anything grossly wrong with it."
"Should I use Philips or Square Drive screws on my deck?" Matt asked Paul. Paul responded, "Strength-wise, they are one and the ......... to me. Comfort-wise, I think the Square Drive screws are easier to sink deeply."
"My grandfather is still alive but, unfortunately, has one foot in the .......... He is 90 years old and has both lung cancer and heart problems," Beth said to her friend when she asked if her grandpa was still alive.
He couldn't believe that he popped a tire, found his spare flat and then popped a friend's spare tire all before he got to the tire store. The fact that he still had to call a tow truck after all of that was truly one for the ......... in his opinion.
Ralph and Eric had a contest to see which of them could get better grades in college. They were tied for the longest time until the last exam. Eric was finally able to get ......... up on Ralph by getting an A on the test; whereas, Ralph only received a B.
"I am very hungry and am looking forward to getting my ......... worth at the all-you-can-eat buffet today. I am going to eat at least eight plates of food," Rob told Monica.
Everywhere she went, she seemed to bump into Tom. Now she worked with him. She had a one-night ......... with him about six months ago and asked him not to call her again after that. She just couldn't seem to get away from the guy.
The detective was happy to report that the murder of the young woman was an open and ......... case. There were two eye-witnesses who could identify the killer and the killer already confessed to the crime.
I like the open-......... policy the church has. It is the church's policy to welcome everyone — even if they had different beliefs.
This the hardest decision he has ever faced — order his troops to open ......... and kill others or sit tight and perhaps be killed themselves.