ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (154)

"Will you pick up the ......... for dinner? You owe me twenty dollars and that would be a good way to pay me back," Kyle said to Brian.
This was the first time he had been to his brother's picture ......... house in Beverly Hills.
"I don't know why you two are arguing about which one of you has the better tool. To me, they are just pieces of the same .......... They are both in the same price range and have the same features. Both are made by reputable companies and have roughly the same inner-parts," Jack told Bill and Joe.
"Boy, did I ever buy a ......... in a poke when I bought this chainsaw. My friend told me to check it out first and I should have listened. I had to take it to the shop twice now for two different problems. It is a pile of junk," Joe told Phil.
"I don't like rave parties at all. I refuse to go every time I am invited. You will see me at one when pigs .........," Jim said to Rachel when she invited him to go with her
"Jocks are so annoying. Take Josh, for example. He walks around here like he owns the campus. Ten years from now, though, he'll be working for me," Elmer said. Josh replied, "Don't pin me down with a .......... For your information, I got very good grades last semester and I enjoy lots of things besides sports. I like gardening, for example."
"I have some bad news, honey. I got a ......... slip at work today. I have to find a new job," Bill told Maureen.
He liked his coffee to be ......... hot and the fast food store just gave him a lukewarm cup.
"I have toured with my band in bars for the last six years. I feel like I have earned my place in the ......... — at least as much as other famous musicians have in the past," Rick said to Louise.
"We need to fix our car. That fact is as plain as the ......... on your face. It was smoking from the hood earlier today," Melissa told Will.