ESL, Средно ниво

Dialogue Practice: Going to the Bank

John: I'd like to make a ......... today. I have some checks I want to add to my savings.
Teller: All right, sir. What is your savings account .........?
John: It's 1302453. Do I need to fill out a deposit ......... for these checks?
Teller: No, you don't, since you aren't requesting any cash back. Do you have any other ......... I can help you with today?
John: Yes, actually. I'd like a(n) ......... card for my checking account. A debit card would be quite useful during those times when I don't have any cash on me and I don't want to write a check.
Teller: I can help you with that. Would you write out what ......... number you would like for this card? I can program it right onto the card and have it ready for you in a few minutes. The number sequence must be four digits long.
John: I'd like you to use 0111. Will the card work like a(n) ......... card as well as a debit card — just in case a place doesn't take debit cards but does accept Visa or Mastercard?
Teller: Yes, this particular card can be used as a Visa as well. Is there anything else I can help you with today? John: Yes. I'd also like to make a(n) ......... from my checking account. Will you please give me $100?
Teller: I can help you with that. Do you need to order any ......... today, or do you have enough at the moment?
John: Thanks, but I have enough checks for now. That'll be all. Teller: I deposited the checks for you. The money will be available after the checks .........; that usually takes about five days. Thanks for banking at West Bank!