ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (314)

"We need to stop by the bank before we go to the fair. I need to pick up some ......... money so we don't have to try and write checks for food and rides," Hank said to his wife with a smile.
"I don't agree with you that we should stop spending any money on defense and spend it all on social programs but you are entitled to your ......... of view," Chris said to Amos.
"I have been able to save so much time thanks to that trick you showed me on how to customize your tool bar on your desk top to include the icons for programs you use all the time. Thanks for ......... that out!" Cheryl said to Bob.
Every time he asked her out, she refused .........-blank. She didn't know why he kept trying. It was getting annoying.
"The police have been here all morning poking ......... your office. Is there something you want to tell me?" George's boss at the investment firm asked.
"Why are you always poking ......... at your brother's dreams of being a writer? What is wrong with that in your mind? What makes you think what you want to do is any better?" Kyle's sister asked.
"My husband and I agree on almost everything except politics. When it comes to politics we are ......... apart; he is a right-wing Republican and I am a very liberal Democrat," Lisa told her friends.
"I can't believe you ......... off that whole plate of chicken! You must have ate nine pieces of chicken! Where did you find the room for all that food?" Jesse's mom asked.
"How can you possibly want to go shopping in town after that 10 mile hike? I am pooped .........!" Chris said to Kyle.
There were two outs and three people on base for the home team in the last inning of the game. Joe came up to bat and swung at the first pitch across the plate. He hit a pop ......... into left field and took off running. The suspense mounted as the ball came back down to earth. The outfielder got his glove under it and, much to his embarrassment, dropped it. The home team won and the outfielder was to blame.