ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (91)

"Jack, I want to know who is stealing from this company. I want him caught and I want his head on a .........," the Chief Financial Officer said.
"Jim, you have to tell them that it was you who lost the paperwork. My ......... is on the block for this," Rob implored his friend.
He had heard rumors that some errors had been made in the company's accounting department. His boss was an honest guy, and if someone was deliberately making those errors, ......... would roll.
"I want to give you all a .........-up the test is going to be next week on Tuesday," the professor told the class.
"I am sorry that I came across a little ......... last night. I should have been more open to discussion and compromise," she told her boyfriend.
"Of course I can help you move. I may be 68-years-old but I am as healthy as a .........," Chris's grandpa told him.
"I know that you want to have some say in how this project is run. However, it's my neck on the ......... if something goes wrong. For that reason, you can help with the project but not from a leadership position," Mark told Elsa.
"You should have come to work today. Max started yelling at Tim, saying that he treated Max badly because he was gay. It was such a surprise who would have thought he was gay? Everyone was so shocked at what had happened they were speechless. The office was so quiet, you could have heard a ......... drop after the yelling," Rachel told Jim.
"I heard on the ......... that we will all get a bonus soon. Our stats were very good this month," Zack told Will.
"I know that he was rude to you, but he is always that way. Aside from that, he is a nice guy. He has helped a lot of my older friends move for free. At least his ......... in the right place," Maude told Bette.