ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (80)

"I know Jack is a very good chess player. I am not too bad myself. I may not win but I'll definitely give him a ......... for his money," Kyle said to Bill.
"By not directly asking the defendant about his crimes and only asking him open-ended questions, I am giving him enough rope to ......... himself. He starts making himself look guilty by speaking without restraint," the lawyer told the plaintiff.
"Did you hear that Jed died recently? He gave up the ......... last Tuesday," Mary said to Grace.
"I heard that Bill is selling his land by the lake. I would give my eye ......... to be able to afford it. It is beautiful," Mark said to Tim.
"Women are able to achieve upward mobility these days; however, the top positions in companies, on average, are still held by men. While things are getting better, there is still a glass ......... preventing women from being promoted to top positions," the management professor told the class.
"Matt keeps challenging me to a game of pool. He also keeps taunting me so the ......... are off now. I am going to show him that he's not as good as I am," Elliot said to Jay.
"You know that 'Billy the Bully' always plays basketball on this court on Fridays yet you keep trying to play on Fridays when he is there. You know he is going to pick on you. You must be a ......... for punishment," Matt told Nate.
"I can't stand how the boss always makes us do three things at once and then gets angry when one of the three has a mistake in it. It is obvious that we can only focus on one thing at a time since the tasks are very complex. His system really ......... my vitals," Kim said to Jessica.
"It was an easy day until something in the computers went .......... The whole system quit working and we are all behind at least two hours of work now," Lilly told Jason.
"It's so cold — I should have worn some gloves today. My hands are starting to turn .........," Maxie said to Bill.