ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (187)

He and his girlfriend had been fighting for three hours with no sign of resolution. He remembered how happy he had been when he first met her and he reminded her of their first date. Bringing back the pleasant memory had ......... the air between them and they were finally able to talk like they were on the same side.
"We need to fire Jack immediately and stop the press from finding out somehow. We have a clear- ......... case of embezzlement and fraud here. It would lower our stock prices if the public found out that this could happen to our company," Luke said to Jake.
"Rave music makes me want to ......... the walls. I can't stand it and everywhere I go, someone seems to be playing it," Rob said to Fred.
"I have something to tell you but I can't tell you over the phone. Can I meet you at your place after work?" Detective Stevens said to Will. Will said, "Cut the ......... and dagger stuff, will you? No one is listening in on our calls. Just tell me what you have to tell me."
"It is time you moved out, Gina and started your own life. You need to quit clinging to your mother's apron ......... and got your own place," her older sister told her.
"Just a word to the wise, Jimmy. You need to at least clean your desk up before leaving. Yesterday, when your shift was over, you left without even throwing away your candy wrappers. The boss hates ......... watchers," Lyle said to Jimmy.
He would have to find a better paying job if he was to pay his debts. He could feel his creditors ......... in and he didn't want to lose his possessions or be forced into bankruptcy.
The department started to ......... ranks when Detective Jackson had been accused of shooting the wrong guy. They claimed that he had done the right thing, according to the situation, and that the man who was shot was also a wanted criminal. She had proof that the man did not need to be shot and was laying down with his hands up at the time.
It seemed like his future was over. He had been hanging on to his boss's ......... and got a promotion every time his boss was promoted. He knew that it was his boss who recommended him for a promotion every time. He also knew that it was not his performance that earned him the promotion but his relationship to his boss.
He stood back and looked at his work. He said a bad word. His shed door was ......... and he would have to fix it.