ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (192)

"But what will happen if I break up with Tommy? Will everyone at school hate me?" Carrie asked her brother. He replied, "I don't know. Does it look like I have a ......... ball to you?"
"John, I told you to bring the most experienced crime scene investigator you have. Why did you bring this ......... scout?" Ted asked when John showed up with a man who couldn't have been over 21 years old.
Chris and Linda added lots of plants to their yard to increase their house's curb ..........
"During the presentation, my boss's toupee almost slipped all the way off of his head. I tried not to crack ......... but I couldn't help it. He didn't laugh with me," Jenny told Hank.
He had been grounded for two months when the school called his father and informed him that he had been cutting ......... on a regular basis. Now he wouldn't be able to go to the rock concert with his friends.
"I am sorry that I left you by yourself at the party the other night but I saw my ex-girlfriend with the guy I got into a fist-fight with coming my way so I decided to cut and .........," Mark told Frank.
He knew that he was in a cranky mood and was trying to care about the effect it was having on his guests. He tried to cut ......... on the amount of cigarettes he had been smoking by three quarters. His need for a cigarette was not making him an agreeable host.
"Did you hear about Hank the Bully getting cut down to ......... at school on Tuesday? He picked a fight with a kid half his size and the kid punched him out," Robby told Ian.
"I just got the monthly statistics in and they are so good that I have decided to cut you all ......... for the day early as a way of saying thanks for all of your hard work. You only have to work until 12 o'clock and then you can all go home," Bill told all the employees.
Some rich people, I suspect, enjoy it when their status doesn't ......... ice with a person serving them or doing business with them. I suspect that they must enjoy being treated like regular people sometimes.