ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (174)

"I heard someone outside my window last night and my blood turned to .......... I was so scared! It turned out that my husband realized, in the middle of the night, that he had forgot to lock the shed and it was him that I was hearing," Jamie told Dorothy.
"I hated elementary school. I got picked on a lot and have tried to ......... the whole experience out of my memory," Chad told David.
"I am sorry that I am late for dinner," Jack told his friends. "I had a ......... out on my way here and had to put on my spare tire. You can see the little spare tire from here."
James was surprised that Jack had blown the ......... on his criminal plans. He offered Jack a lot of money to look the other way but he refused. He just didn't think that he would call the police on him too.
"You can yell at me until you are ......... in the face. I am still not going to miss my prom because I am grounded. I am going and that is it," Jamie told her dad.
It looked like it was a ......... Monday for about half of the staff members. They looked depressed, tired and like they wanted to be anywhere but the office.
He couldn't believe his stupidity. The boss started in on him asking why he had been late — and he had ......... out that he had accidentally forgot to set his alarm when he had gone to bed late last night.
His plan to get all of his chores done by 1 o'clock in the afternoon was coming apart. He got ......... down by three different friends stopping by, unexpectedly, and he was way behind schedule.
Computer technology changes so often that it is often hard to keep up with the newest programs. Each time a new program comes out, there is enough information that one has to learn to ......... the minds of even the very intelligent.
Lucy and her boyfriend had been harboring a growing resentment toward each other. Finally, one night, he started in on her about not taking back the movies and she finally reached her ......... point. She told him everything that she hated about him and then some.