ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (151)

The kids kept him busy on his day off with a constant barrage of questions. He just wished that they would get out of his ......... and go find something else to do.
James told her that he did not have her lost bicycle. Unfortunately for him, the handlebars were just visible from around the corner right where she was standing. She yelled "James, that is an out and ......... lie!" and slapped him.
People will often do desperate things when they find themselves ......... a barrel. For instance, some people commit murder when they are being blackmailed in order to keep the information from getting out.
"This keeps happening. You are late and now we can't go to the movie. Last time we saw each other you told me over and ......... that you would be on time from now on," James told Beth.
"Thank you for your hard work on my house. You have gone ......... and above what was necessary. I will recommend you to all of my friends," Matt told the contractor when she was finished.
She was very happy that she found an over the ......... allergy medication that worked for her. She was sick of paying to go to the doctor just to get a prescription.
"You are not going to the races this weekend. Over my ......... body are you going to spend the last of our money on something like that," George's girlfriend informed him.
"Don't let my grandson fool you. I am perfectly capable of raking my own yard. I am not over the ......... yet," Walter told the church.
"I finally got to go to the local hot springs and read my book. I wanted to do that for months. I was in seventh .........," Marcie told her friend
"We agreed to ride in Wes's car down to the concert. We didn't know that he had a small two-door car and there were five of us. We were packed in his car like .........," Grace told Rachel.