ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (169)

"Sir, I need you to ......... up, turn around and put your hands on the car," the policeman told the aggressive criminal who started to threaten the officer.
"Today has been so busy! There has been back-to-......... calls since the phones turned on," the customer service representative told her friend who had stayed home sick.
His plan to renovate his house and then resell it for more money had .......... The housing market, during the renovation process, had changed from a seller's to a buyer's market.
He wasn't worried about the final exam in his Law class. He knew the material backward and ..........
"He tried to convince me that there was nothing wrong with his car but he was a bad .......... I knew he was lying he looked nervous and blinked his eyes way more than usual. He also kept stuttering — which my neighbor is not in the habit of doing," Jane said to Mark.
He had expected to marry a woman who would stay at home. He would bring home the ......... and she would raise the kids and do the chores. Life had turned out very different for him. His wife made more money than he did and worked longer hours.
"I love my girlfriend but does she ever have a lot of .......... She hates her family, she has an ornery ex-husband and her sister sold all of her things when she needed money a few years ago. It is hard to put up with the anger and stories," Max told Steve.
He had expected to read some favorable articles in the local paper about his company when he opened a branch in the small town. However, his company got a lot of ......... press speculating that the new branch would put a lot of local businesses out of business and would cost many of the residents their jobs.
She had told her son that if he was ever arrested, she would not ......... him out. Rather, she'd let him spend the time in jail to teach him a lesson.
"Are you having fun tonight?" He asked his girlfriend. She replied sarcastically, "Oh, yes. I am having a .........." She told him that she hated the drag races. However, he had begged her for a long time until she agreed to go with him.