ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (228)

"That was the worst karaoke performance of that Beetles song I have ever heard. Someone needs to get the .........," Larry said to Beth.
"Son, you are still working on raking the leaves? You should have been done with that over an hour ago. You need to get the ......... out of your pants and work faster. I need your help with the roof," Gary's dad told him.
"I just got the ......... on what is going on with the summer classes and how the budget cuts are affecting them. The school is cutting half of the classes and the remaining classes can be viewed via the internet," Rachel said to Ian.
His dreams of being a famous pianist went out the ......... the night of the car accident. He could no longer move his right arm and he had lost the ability to move three fingers on his left hand.
"I am sorry, Jack. I came to you for help on this matter and you say there is nothing you can do. I am going to have to go over your ......... and speak to your boss about my problem," Janice said.
"Mark's kid is very smart and is a hard worker. He seems very mature for his age. He is ......... places, mark my words," Sylvia said to her husband.
"I heard that Tom's car lot is offering 10 percent off all of their stock. I will not only offer you the 10 percent off, I'll go you one .......... I will offer anything in my lot for 15 percent off," Danny told the couple.
"I am sorry, Honey. You can't come with us tonight we are going .......... Next time you can," Mark told his girlfriend.
"I am sorry. I can't go to the bar with you guys. You are going too late. I used to stay up late when I was younger but now I go to ......... with the chickens," Mark told his friends.
"You worry me. You will go to any ......... to get promoted," Jane said to Bill.