ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (267)

"Jennifer leads her husband around by the .......... He has to ask her permission to do anything and is deathly afraid to cross her," David said to Henry.
"So the wine barrel planters are $20? I called the store and your representative told me that they were $10 a piece. I think, since the reason I drove here was because your representative ......... me to believe that they were $10, that you should give me two of them for that price," Raina told the manager.
Too many managers tell their employees to act a certain way but they don't follow their own advice. A good manager is one that will ......... the way on any instructions he or she gives.
"I will take out the trash in a minute. I am going to ......... through this magazine for a little while and then I will take the trash out," Jeff said to Alice.
"Somehow, the reporters know everything we know within an hour after we learn it. It saddens me but I believe there is a ......... in our department. How can the reporters know everything we do," Lieutenant O'Malley said to the other cops.
How does anyone forget to bring a tent on a camping trip? That question crossed his mind as it started to rain. He built a hasty lean-......... out of a few sticks and a tarp he found in his car but that did not help to block the water that was running down the hill. The sleeping bags were thoroughly soaked in no time.
He wondered what kids who were born on ......... year — did about their birthdays. When did they celebrate on the 28th or 29th?
"I don't know how to read music. I have to learn the majority of the things I play by .........," Lane told Phil when he asked how Lane learned new music on the guitar.
"You really left me ......... the other day. You promised to help me repair the deck at my grandma's house and when you didn't show up, I couldn't do the job myself. It still isn't done and the fire department is going to inspect it by next week," Steve said to Gerald.
"Why did you give Max such a left-......... compliment? What has he done to you?" Laurie asked Jeana. Jeana told Max that he was much more intelligent than she had originally thought.