ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (124)

Tom Larrington was one of her favorite employees. The guy was a regular live .......... He was always full of energy and enthusiasm. He never ceased to motivate others who wanted to be motivated.
There was a knock and the door and, lo and ........., it was the pizza man who was 45 minutes late.
He knew he had a gambling problem, he just wished he admitted it to himself and got help before borrowing $30,000.00 from a dangerous ......... shark. The money was due, plus 40% interest, two days from now and he didn't have it.
He asked the manager if it would be possible to place him on a different work team. She had assigned him to the same team as Ricky. He and Ricky disagreed on everything and he knew that it would only be a matter of time before he and Ricky locked ......... about an issue if they were forced to work together.
"Why the long ........., John? I would think that you would be happy now that your final exams are over and you are on summer vacation," his girlfriend said to him.
She knew that she only had a ......... shot at graduating college after this semester now that she had flunked two of her four midterm exams.
"Hi, Jack. Long time, no .......... How long has it been since we got together last? It must be at least a year," Ron said.
"I am sorry that I applied and took the job you wanted, Steve. It was the only job being offered that I was qualified for and I had to ......... for number one," Cathy told him.
His grandfather had always told him "look before you ........." and he had found time and time again that failing to contemplate the consequences of one's actions could get one in a lot of trouble.
"I know that you really wanted to work in Nicaragua this summer and are sad that you won't be able to. Look at the ......... side, though. At least you will have more time to spend with me," Mike's girlfriend said to him.