ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (194)

"I am sorry that we can't have breakfast together this morning. I woke up late and now I have to dash ......... to work," Lisa told her friend.
"The new president is as different from the last one as ......... and day," Beth said to Louise.
He had been fighting with his girlfriend day in and day ......... for several months. He didn't know how much longer he could stand the constant fighting.
"So far, the owners of the dog that bit my wife have not offered to pay her medical bills nor have they apologized. We will have our ......... in court soon and then they will have to own up to their responsibilities," Mr. Smith told the reporter.
"Do you want to go to the mall on Wednesday? Wednesday is my day ......... so we can go for as long as you like," Maxine said to Linda.
"Matt has been ripping a lot of people in this town off and has gotten away with it until now. I talked to some reporters today who are going to do a story about this and make his actions public. Then, hopefully, there will be a day of .........," Luke told Steven.
"My car is over twenty years old and its days are .......... It is breaking down more often and runs horribly rough," Janis said to Luke.
"Dad, the exit you are looking for is ......... ahead! You had better get in your left lane right now so you don't miss the turn-off," Matt said.
"Don't worry about standing me up on Friday. I know that you had a good reason and I have forgiven you. Consider the issue ......... and buried," Chris said to Jenny.
"Ouch! That really hurt! I just hit the ......... center of my forehead on the doorknob as I was bending over," Lisa told Tim when he asked what had happened.