ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (310)

He was quite good with a fly swatter. He figured that he could pick ......... as many as 75 percent of all the flies he swatted at on a good day.
When asked by the school principal and his science teacher why he got into a fight at recess, Todd replied,"Josh has been ......... on my little brother for the past month and he won't stop. My brother and I both asked him to stop and he refused. Today was the final straw. He knocked my brother's lunch out of his hand and laughed at him. I am bigger so it is my job to look after my brother."
"I am going to go pick Mr. Smith's ......... about my idea on how to reduce the friction on my home-made wind generator," Ben said to his roommate when asked where he was going.
"We went to pick up some free bricks at this guy's house. Unfortunately, when we got there, the pile of bricks was pretty picked .......... All that were left were small, broken pieces," Jayden said to Beth.
"Can we go get a cup of coffee? I am really tired; I didn't get much sleep last night and I really need a pick-me-.........," Hillary said to Natasha.
"I am sorry that I am late. My grandma stopped by just as I was leaving and she ......... me. I am going to work for her soon and she wanted to talk about what she would need for the jobs at that moment. Once again, I am sorry," Jim said to Gracie.
"My roommate is being very .........-headed about letting me put my guitar in the living room. She keeps saying that it ruins the look of the living room and nothing I say or do will change her mind," Kathy told Melissa.
"We have been talking about getting together for coffee for quite some time. Let's ......... down a date to finally meet for some coffee," Janice said to Larissa.
"Sometimes it is hard for people to guess how I am feeling or what I am thinking. I don't let my emotions show often. My little sister and I are opposites; she wears her heart on her .........," Cara said to Jennifer.
"Let's buy Jimmy that new bike he wanted for his birthday. I know we don't have much money but I think we can swing it. We'll have to pinch and ......... for a while but it would be worth it," John said to Kathryn.