ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (338)

"Did you see that kid crash his bike in the park just now. It was one of the worst ......... I have ever seen," Brenda said to Amanda.
"No, I didn't see it. My brother is all beat up from ......... it on his bike. Crashing your bike can hurt and result in serious injury sometimes," Amanda replied to Brenda.
"I didn't think that he was using me until Paul put me ......... to what he was doing. After Paul presented his argument, there was no way I could deny what was happening," Blake said to George.
"I can't wait until Joe is gone. He last day is next week. He is too much of a wise ......... for my taste. He is always cracking jokes at someone else's expense in a really poisonous way," Jeff said to Carl.
"I am sorry that you got used again but you have to wise ......... to the fact that a lot of guys are going to try to date you because you are rich and they want to spend your money," Alyssa said to Anne.
"I like a good ......... as much as the next person so it is hard for me to say this. We have to stop joking around at the office because some of the jokes hurt people. We can't let that happen since we are all a team," Bill told his staff.
Rather than actually studying, many students will ......... on a variety of lucky charms or talismans in the hope of tapping into some divine luck that will assist them in passing a test they know nothing about.
"I know there are a lot of people who claim to be Christians who aren't the best people in the world. However, people at the college I attend are constantly attacking Christians and saying horrible things about them as a whole group. If one says he or she is a Christian, some people start pouring out all of this hate at that person about the condition of the world — like it is that person's fault. It seems like the situation is one step away from becoming a .........-hunt," Chris said to Adam.
"You all signed on with a ......... hand so don't complain to me that someone made you do it. It is time to accept the consequences of your actions and take the pain," the Drill Sergeant said to the new recruits.
"How can you say that? I don't want your money! I love you with all my .........!" Autumn said to Logan.