ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (136)

"Get out of here, Jed! First you show up drunk, then you hit on my wife and then you insult my son. Get out of here and don't come back! Never darken my ......... again!" An irate Matt told him.
"Boy, does this town need some ......... blood! The businesses and houses all need a fresh coat of paint and the style is out-of-date it is at least fifty years old!" Linda said to Chris.
"After the car crash, I felt invigorated. Everything seems new and interesting. I feel like I have a new ......... on life," George told Melissa.
The new manager started off his first speech to the staff with, "There is a new ......... in town!" The staff knew that it was a lame attempt at humor and hoped that the speech would be quick.
"Within a New York ........., our business went from broke to profitable thanks to our biggest client, Mr. Wilson," Nate said to the employees.
"I don't like these ......... TVs. There are a million buttons on them and they last for only two years or so. The old ones were better, if you ask me," Jed said to Louise.
"I just met our new neighbor, Mrs. Finch, and she is as nice as .......... She brought us dinner and said that if we ever need anything, not to hesitate and ask," Maude said to Bill
"It seems like all of the employees are nipping at the ......... to get started. It seems like the company morale is much higher now that we have offered a performance-based bonus," Steven told the middle manager.
She thought that she looked great. The ......... and tuck procedure made her look younger and more fit. She felt that she looked much more attractive to her husband.
"Sally just refused to take out the trash, so she is grounded. We need to nip that kind of rebellious behavior in the .........," Jenny told her husband when he came back into the house.