ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (94)

"I asked her how her mom was doing and I must have hit a ......... unintentionally. She grimaced and was withdrawn for the rest of the night," Maxie said to Ellis.
"That channel is pretty much hit and .......... Sometimes there are good movies on there, but not often enough," Johnny said to Paul.
"Alright, professor. I am ready to answer your questions. ......... me with your best shot," Alexis said after her presentation was compete.
He knew that he had hit rock .......... His wife had left him, he had lost his job, and now he was in trouble with the police for drinking and driving.
"My wife and I have hit rough .......... lately. We've received lots of unexpected bills and both of us have had deaths in the family," John told Brian.
"As soon as the story of his corruption hits the ........., he will be done. You will win by a landslide," the politician's advisor told her.
He couldn't wait for the semester to be over. He had been hitting the ......... for the past week to prepare for the upcoming final exams and was sick of even looking at his text books.
He had always been a better shot than his best friend. He had won another twenty dollars from his friend when he had hit the bull's-......... three times out of five at the firing range.
"I hope I don't get fired. I told the boss that I was going to be late getting my project done and she hit the .......... This is the third time this week I have done something to make her mad," Tom said to Christian.
"The stuff is about to ......... the fan. Our boss just got arrested for fraud and I have heard that his boss is next. I hope that the company can survive all this," Shirley told Dave.