ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (339)

"The way the other team acted when we won was a great example of how to accept defeat with very bad .......... When we lose, we will congratulate the other team and shake their hands," the coach told the little league team.
"Can I have a coffee please? No she can't have any caffeine right now because she is with .........," Rosa said to the host.
"If you want to become a singer you have to be extremely motivated at all times and give 110 percent effort while performing. You have to sing with your heart and .........," the music teacher told Tommy when he mentioned pursuing a singing career.
"If you touch my toys again I am going to beat you to within an ......... of your life," Bob told his younger brother.
"You are going to go to truck-driving school? I you like it and I wish you the .........," Chris said to Kyle.
"Don't you dare let that job opportunity ......... on the vine. You need to call tomorrow and accept the offer for your family's sake," Beth told her husband after he told her he had received a job opportunity three days before and hadn't told her.
"At this company, we let our employees choose their own work schedules ......... bounds. You have to work in eight-hour blocks and it can't be on Sundays because the building is closed," the hiring manager said to the new employee.
"I like staying at my parents' house. I can do anything I want to — within .........," Ben said to Ian.
"A tree fell and hit my brand new shed. It came down like a ton of .........," Ben mournfully told his friend.
"You don't have a spare tire? I guess we are up a creek without a .......... The nearest store is over six miles away," Bob told Jared when he got a flat tire.