ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (140)

"Why are you telling me how to work on my car? You don't know ......... about mechanics. You can't even change your own oil," Matt said to Ellis.
"I always take my car in for service. Working on cars is not my cup of .........," Chris said to Paul.
"We need to make sure that we follow the regulations so that the rapist doesn't get off on a technicality. We are not going to be the cause of a rapist going free to harm others. Not on my .........," Chief of Police Watson said to the detectives.
"I don't like watching soccer games on TV. Watching sports is not my .........," Chris said to Derrick.
"I dumped Carl after he stood me up last Friday. He acted surprised. I told him that he is not the only ......... on the beach and he left," Marcie told Jane.
"I am sorry that it didn't work out between you and Dina. Don't be too sad, though. There are plenty of other ......... in the sea," Mike's dad told him.
He knew that he would have to do a lot of planning for the case. The lawyer for the defense was not to be ......... at. She had won more than 95 percent of her cases and had a lot of experience with this type of case.
"I think that you need to come up with a different plan. Your plan just won't .......... That idea has been looked at by management before and it costs too much to be viable," Jones told Elliot.
"In my opinion, the screwdrivers you are talking about aren't worth a red .......... They wear out after two or three jobs," Mike told Ben.
"I made another huge sale after lunch. That's one more notch on my .........," Dwight told Sally.