ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (116)

When Christopher Reeves died, many mourned the passing of a guy who seemed larger than ..........
"Hey, Mike, it's Henry. The guys and I are going out for drinks as kind of a last ......... before shipping out to Iraq. Do you want to come?"
"That hoodlum thinks that he got away with my car scott free. I'll have the last ......... though I'll see him in jail! I got a picture of him and the police think that they know who it is," Millie said to Geraldine.
His last-......... effort to save his company had failed and he knew now that he would have to file for bankruptcy.
"I love hanging out with your brother. That guy is hilarious! He's a ......... a minute!" Jane told Roxanne.
"When I see Zack, I am going to smack him. He put my junior high school pictures on the internet. You know, when I had braces and blue hair? I'm now the laughing ......... of the whole school," Melissa told Stacey.
"I am so glad that you came over and talked to me. I feel so much better. Laughing did me a lot of good," Percy told Lucy. "I have always believed that ......... is the best medicine," she replied.
He saw Mr. Smitch and quickly ducked into the nearest store. Mr. Smitch was kind of a law unto .......... He had a tendency of telling people what they needed to hear, according to his opinion, no matter who it was or whether it may any sense at all. He had recently insulted some policeman by saying that they were corrupt even though they were not.
"Sorry about that, Steve. I heard the kids fighting and had to go lay down the .......... They are behaving now," Millie told him.
"I feel bad for Maude. A used salesman led her up the ......... path and sold her a car. Unfortunately, all the good things he told her about the car weren't true. That car has been in the shop since she bought it," Lisa told Beth.