ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (426)

"Did you read that story about actresses buying a cream with bird feces in it to make their skin smooth? Why do people believe these snake ......... salesmen with their dumb products? How gullible can you get?!" Chrisrailed.
"You need to quit smoking. You'd feel much better and you'd have a lot more money," Bette advised. Chris explained, "The spirit is willing but the ......... is weak. I want to quit, but I can't deal with the withdrawal."
"I know you're angry at me and have something to say that you're not saying. Well, come on, spit it .......... Why're you so mad?" Elizabeth asked Michael.
This guy on TV said how little it costs to save a life in Africa and how selfish rich Americans are. He mentioned a singer who takes showers with bottled water and stated that it should be much more important to save a life than to indulge in such a silly luxury. I think that line of reasoning is ......... on.
"I told the credit card company I couldn't pay this month because I lost my job, but they said that I'd have to pay or they'd send my account to a collection agency. I told them doing that wouldn't help. You can't get blood out of a(n) .........," Luke said to Nick.
"Oh, Daddy, did you see that last firework that just went off? It was shaped like the Stars and .........! It had red, white and blue stars," Sally said to Ken.
"Why do you always want to change everything in our relationship? I think the status ......... is pretty good," James said to Cathy.
"John, you have a kid now. You need to step up to the ......... and find a decent job. You have to provide for your son because who else will?" John's best friend asked him.
"I'm not completely sure who you're talking about, but that name strikes a ......... in me somehow," Chris said.
"I don't know how to hang a door properly. I'll read ......... on it tonight, and we can install the door tomorrow," Derrick said to Lucy.