ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (340)

"The salesman just told me that I couldn't return the car or receive a refund without batting an .........," James told Tina after his used car broke down.
"Jay is a dependable guy and I like that. He is always on time, here at 8 o'clock, without .........," the manager told Kathleen.
"We haven't been able to ......... Mr. Anderson away from his current supplier. We will keep trying though," Ryan told his boss at the paper company.
"Oh, I didn't know that Derrick had a bad back. No ......... he didn't offer to help me build my shed in return for my helping him landscape his yard," Mitchell said to Jacky.
"I don't mean to interrupt but you have told me that story, word for ........., a number of times," Kyle said to Eric.
"You might want to watch how many drinks you offer Bob. He will keep drinking until you have nothing left and then he will claim he is too drunk to drive. Then you will have to offer him a bed and breakfast in the morning. Just a word to the .........," Mitchell said to Paul.
"I love my car. I had to work my ......... to the bone to get it but it was worth every penny," Jason said to Lewis.
"You want us to add a brief history of the company into the promotional video? I think we can ......... that into the piece," Jesse said to Grant.
"I can't come to your house this weekend. I broke my neighbor's window playing baseball and my father is making me work that .........," Hank said to Joey.
"I have let myself get out of shape. I am going to start ......... out next week again. I am going to run, do pushups, sit ups, and lift weights," Barbara said to Nancy.