ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (242)

"The job interview was hard. I really had to keep my ......... about me. They asked me detailed financial questions, for over an hour, that were very difficult to answer and that required me to think very hard," Matt told Karen.
"I am going to put in my resume for the new accounting position that just opened up. I think I have a ......... at it. I have the experience and the education to do well at the job," Kara told Roxanne.
"If I am hired, I have ......... qualms about working weekends. I will work every weekend if you want me to," Stewie told the hiring manager.
He was starting to have ......... thoughts about going to graduate school. He was broke and he would have to add to an already large amount of student loans.
"I think it is time for a new pair of shoes. Yours have seen ......... days. The heels are worn through and you have a hole in the toe of the left one," Zeke's dad told him.
"I love my best friend, but you have to watch him. He's got ......... fingers. He steals something from almost every place he goes," Bill told his girlfriend.
"If we work hard today, we can have the frame made and up by the end of today and we will have the ......... of a new shed," Rod said to Adam.
"I am so glad we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. I had the time of my .......... I don't think I have ever seen any place as beautiful," Amber told Darren.
"Now I got to play a joke on you and you are moving away next week. He who laughs last laughs .........," Robert said to Neal.
"It is late. I think I am going to ......... home but I will see you tomorrow," Jill said to Mary.