ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (85)

He had had to grease an official's ......... in order to get out of jail in that country. He still couldn't believe that one could be thrown in jail for exceeding the speed limit.
"Are you still waiting to hear from the Curriculum Committee as to whether you can graduate on time without that class? I just started working with them about a month ago. Let me see if I can grease the ......... a bit and get you an answer soon," Jennifer told Bill.
"Did you see that running back for our school football team? He got a hold of the ball and moved down the field like greased .........!" Zack told Matt.
"Did you see the arms on that private? I think he will do fine in the Army. He's got a great set of ......... on him," First Sergeant Smith told the Commander.
"Great .........! You are paying 30 percent interest on your credit card? You need to pay that off and get a better one immediately!" Her father told her over the phone.
"Now that you are sixteen, it is time for you to join the ......... unwashed' like I did. Once you are eighteen, you can go to school if you want to. Then you can get a white collar job instead of a blue collar job like the ones I have had," his dad said to him.
"I can't understand computers. When people try to explain them, I still don't get it. The computer language is all ......... to me," Lisa said to Brandon.
"I got the green ......... from my wife to go camping with you guys. So, lets plan on leaving around eight in the morning," Bill told his friends.
"Both of my parents have a ......... thumb. They can grow anything and create a beautiful garden. I have killed every plant I've ever had," Bethany told Ashley.
"I showed that dress to Mary and she is green with .......... She told me that she was going to buy the same dress but I didn't know that when I bought it," Marcie told Kylie.