ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (131)

"We are going to your great aunt's house for dinner tonight. You better ......... your P's and Q's while we are there tonight. She is from an older generation and expects kids to act politely. You were both very rude last time we were there," Ben and Josie's grandma told them.
He was very happy with his purchase. He had bought a Ford Mustang that was in ......... condition for a very cheap price
"Don't pay attention to Jimmy's insults. He just has a case of the ......... guts. He is unhappy so he tries to make others unhappy," his grandpa told him when he came home from school hurt.
"There is no room for error on this project. A ......... is as good as a mile here since this is the first of many steps and each step hinges on the previous one," the boss told his staff.
He liked to go to the mom and ......... coffee shop on the corner when he had spare time and wanted to read.
"Don't worry about what the Monday morning ......... say to you about your decisions. They don't understand that the right answer isn't always clear at the time and that sometimes there isn't adequate time to make a decision. They have the benefit of not having to make a decision and examining things after the fact. Just know that I understand why you decided to do what you did," the upper-level manager told the middle manager.
"What today's generation doesn't understand is that money doesn't grow on .......... They think that because they went to school, they should make more than someone who has worked their whole life," George complained to Max.
In America, money ......... is a major crime. Often the crime is committed to attempt to make drug money seem legitimate.
"I know that making money doesn't matter to you right now, but money makes many .......... Later in life, you are going to want a nice house, a car, some nice things, and the ability to travel. Money, or the lack of it, is a very important part of everyone's lives," George told his hippie, college-age kid.
"We are going to behave and act our age while in the nice restaurant. I don't want any yelling or ......... business," Josie told her three kids