ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (97)

"This vacation has been great, but I am looking forward to getting back to our place. Oh! There it is! Home sweet .........," Linda said to Chris.
"I had to work late again and that's the ......... truth. I know you think I was out with my friends but my boss will vouch for me if you will call him," her boyfriend said.
"Showing yet another case of honor among .........', it has now been proven that the Mafia kingpin arrested two years ago was innocent and was covering up for a best friend," the television blared in the bar.
"I told him that there was nothing wrong with the car and he bought it hook, ........., and sinker. I hope the car runs long enough for him to get home," the crooked used-car salesman told his friend.
"Is there a grocery store around here?" Jed asked. The couple responded, "Yes, Jay's Groceries is just a ........., skip, and a jump from here. Just go about a block up, turn right, and you can't miss it."
He was hoping against ......... that the loan for the house would come through. His credit wasn't the best and he didn't have many assets. In fact, he was quite in debt, but he still had to try for his kids.
He knew that he didn't have a ......... in hell of getting the promotion now that he had called his immediate boss an idiot.
"Wow, I didn't know I would be stirring up a hornets' ......... by suggesting that all of the departments eat together for the company picnic instead of by themselves," Bill told Pam.
"I am right on the ......... of a dilemma here, Jack. My wife's mother, who I can't stand, just lost her source of income. If I suggest that we put her in a retirement home, my wife will hate me. If I allow her to move in with us, she will make my life hell," William said.
"I am sorry, Bill. I know a lot about car mechanics, but fixing washing machines is a horse of a different .......... You had better call a professional," Todd told him.