ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (207)

"I am going to have to quit my job here. I came here looking for a fair ......... and that isn't happening. Every time I say something to the boss's kid about the safety violations he is perpetuating, he runs off to his dad and tells him that I am bullying him. Then his dad gets mad at me and tells me to leave him alone. I can't work as the safety officer here without support from management," Bob told Lewis.
"I joined the army to become a telephone line installer. I figured that I could work as an installer through school and that it would be a good job to ......... back on in case I got sick of being a manager," Chris told Jake.
"I am trying hard not to ......... behind in my schoolwork this semester. Last semester, I played around too much and it was horrible trying to get caught back up. It was much more work trying to get caught up than if I had just done the work in the first place," Bill told Fred.
"I told a joke in my presentation and it fell .......... No one laughed and I got dirty looks from several of the people there. I thought it was funny and I think they all need to develop a sense of humor," Steven said to Lewis.
He still remembered what had made him ......... for her. She walked out of the ice cream shop with a cone in her hand and, then, bumped the cone into his shirt. He was still laughing about their conversation afterwards.
"I am not going to put my name on this contract. I know that you are going to try to defraud the other party and I am not going to be the ......... guy for your scheme. I am not going to ruin my reputation for your benefit," Max said to Frank at work.
"I am worried about our son. His grades are slipping and I think it is because he fell ......... with the wrong crowd. His friends don't care about anything except getting drunk," Louise told her husband.
"You are fired. You have fallen ......... of every expectation we have of a customer service representative. You are rude, late, slow, and sloppy," Mark told Will.
"We are not on speaking terms at the moment. We had a .........-out over the decision of whether or not to put our parents in an old folks' home or to have them move in with one of us. My brother wanted to send them to a home and I didn't," Mark told Suzy.
"Unfortunately, Frank is in my family .......... He is my mother's brother. You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family," Rick said to Ben.